Here are some of the most asked questions. Feel free to reach out if your question hasn’t been answered yet.

Who founded Inspiring Hairstyles and when?

Inspiring Hairstyles was founded in 2023 by Linda Miller, our experienced Editor-in-Chief. Linda recognized the shift from traditional magazines to online platforms for hair inspiration and launched Inspiring Hairstyles to present the latest hair trends, styles, colors and professional advice.

What process does your editorial team follow to review content?

All articles on Inspiring Hairstyles go through a rigorous editorial review process. Our team of experienced editors and hair professionals review articles for accuracy, usefulness and originality before they are published on our site. We work closely with our network of salons, stylists and experts to produce hair content you can trust.

Does your site use AI content generation?

No, we do not use AI to generate any content on Inspiring Hairstyles. All of our articles are researched and written by experienced beauty and hair professionals. We may occasionally use AI like ChatGPT to assist our team in drafting content outlines or brainstorming ideas, but all final content is created by human writers.

What revenue models does Inspiring Hairstyles use?

Yes, Inspiring Hairstyles generates revenue through advertising, affiliate marketing and sponsorships. We work with brands relevant to our hair audience and accept sponsored posts that align with our editorial standards. We may earn commissions if readers purchase products after clicking on affiliate links within our articles. Revenue allows us to keep publishing free hair content.

Are guest posts accepted on your site?

We do not currently accept guest posts. All articles on Inspiring Hairstyles are created by our in-house team of professional writers and editors. However, we are open to discussing potential partnerships with hair brands, salons and stylists. Please contact us if you are interested in contributing branded or sponsored content.

Who are the writers that create content for Inspiring Hairstyles?

Our articles are researched and written by an in-house team of experienced hair and beauty writers led by Linda Miller, our Editor-in-Chief. Our writers have professional backgrounds in the hair industry as stylists, colorists, salon owners and more. We occasionally work with freelance writers who are experts in their hair niche. Every article is edited by our team to ensure we consistently publish high-quality and inspiring hair content.