25 Hairstyles for Re-Creating Sabrina Carpenter's Iconic Bangs

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Looking to channel the chic, youthful allure of Sabrina Carpenter’s iconic bangs? Hairstyle expert Linda Miller is here to guide you through the process. With her extensive experience and expertise, she shares invaluable tips and advice to help you achieve the perfect bangs for your unique features and hair type.

The Right Bangs for Your Face Shape

Miller emphasizes the importance of considering your face shape when choosing the right style of bangs. “The shape of your face will help determine which bang style will look best on you,” she explains. For instance, if you have a longer face, a blunt bang may be more flattering, while those with a rounder face shape might consider a softer, side-swept option.

Tailoring Bangs to Your Hair Type and Texture

The thickness of your hair is another crucial factor to consider. “If you have thick hair, a blunt bang will work best. For fine hair, a softer, longer bang with less bulk is ideal,” Miller advises. If you have curly or wavy hair, ensure that your stylist cuts your bangs when your hair is dry, allowing them to account for the natural texture and curl pattern.

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