20 Simple Fulani Braids for a Chic Look

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Fulani braids are a stunning and versatile hairstyle that can be adorned with beads, shells, or other decorative elements. They are suitable for all hair types and lengths, making them a popular choice for women of diverse backgrounds. Linda Miller, an expert in hair braiding and styling, shares valuable insights to help you achieve the perfect Fulani braids for your unique look and hair type.

Fulani Braids for Different Hair Types

Linda advises that the key to a successful Fulani braid lies in proper sectioning. “Start with clean, detangled hair,” she suggests. “Use a rat-tail comb and a hair clip to section the hair into four quadrants. Then divide each quadrant into small sections about one inch wide and two inches long, depending on your hair’s thickness.”

Choosing the Right Length of Fulani Braids

Selecting the length of your braids is essential, according to Linda. She points out that smaller braids often take longer to complete but can last longer. “Small braids can last up to five to eight weeks, with proper care,” she says. “Medium braids can last up to six weeks, while large braids may need to be redone after three to four weeks.”

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