31 Protective Natural Hair Twists for Healthy Growth

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Learn the secrets to gorgeous, healthy natural hair with protective twists from hair care expert Linda Miller. She shares her wealth of knowledge and experience on how to rock fabulous protective twists and boost your hair growth like a pro. Uncover her top tips and tricks in this exclusive interview.

Protective Twists 101

Miller emphasizes the importance of using the right products for your hair texture and porosity. “Understanding your hair type and porosity is key to selecting products that will work best for you,” she advises. For example, individuals with high porosity hair may benefit from more sealing products, while those with low porosity hair may need products that can be easily absorbed.

Combatting Dryness and Breakage

When it comes to combating dryness, Miller recommends deep conditioning and using leave-in conditioners, especially for high porosity hair. Additionally, she suggests avoiding heat tools and protecting hair with silk or satin materials at night. For low porosity hair, steam treatments and using lightweight products are beneficial.

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