25 Mysterious Almost Black Hair Styles

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Embrace the enigmatic allure of almost black hair. Let your locks exude a mysterious charm with the expert advice of Linda Miller, a seasoned hairstylist and color specialist.

Choosing the Right Shade

For those with fair to medium skin tones, Linda suggests opting for a soft, warm black shade. This choice can create a flattering contrast and enhance your natural features, especially if you have light eyes or a warm skin undertone. However, if your hair is naturally light, achieving this color may require multiple sessions to avoid damage and ensure a beautiful outcome.

Maintaining Your Mysterious Mane

On the other hand, if your natural hair color is medium to dark brown, a rich, cool black shade may be your best bet. This hue offers a striking contrast and can bring out your eyes and skin tone, particularly if you have cool undertones. Nevertheless, achieving this deep color without causing harm to your hair can be challenging. It is essential to trust the process and work with a professional to achieve the best results for your unique hair type and color history.

See Which Haircut & Color Flatters You Best

Note: This quiz is meant for fun, not to be taken too seriously.
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