45 Beautiful Shades of Pink Hair to Fall For

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Are you thinking pink? Embracing the magnificence of pink hair takes more than just a bold spirit. It takes a keen understanding of your skin tone, hair type, and the various shades of pink. Linda Miller, a seasoned hairstylist, shares her wealth of expertise to guide you through this colorful journey.

The Ideal Pink for Different Skin Tones

Pink hair can flatter a spectrum of skin tones, but the key lies in selecting the right shade. According to Miller, those with fair skin can carry off nearly any pink hue. “Consider a soft pastel pink for a delicate touch or a vibrant fuchsia for a bold statement,” she suggests. For medium skin tones, peachy pinks or rose gold shades work well. Those with olive undertones may opt for a warm, coral pink. Miller advises deeper skin tones to choose bright pink hues or deep shades like magenta to create a striking contrast.

Finding the Perfect Pink for Your Hair Type

The type of hair you have also plays a role in determining the best pink shade for you. Miller recommends consulting with a professional hairstylist to determine the ideal pink for your hair type. For those with fine or thin hair, she recommends using a light hand, as pastel shades can appear sparse. On the other hand, individuals with thick or coarse hair can carry off vibrant pinks more effectively. When it comes to curly hair, the key lies in choosing a dye that won’t dry out the hair.

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