32 Gorgeous Balayage Hair Ideas

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Get ready to elevate your hair game with stunning balayage! This hair coloring technique creates a natural, sun-kissed look, perfect for any hair type and skin tone. Seasoned hairstylist Linda Miller shares her expertise to guide you through choosing the right balayage for your hair, maintaining it, and ensuring it complements your unique features.

Choosing the Right Balayage for Your Hair

“If you want to enhance your natural color and add dimension, balayage is the way to go,” Linda Miller says. Dark hair can be lightened with balayage, but it’s crucial to consult a professional stylist. “Going lighter on dark hair is a process, and it may take a few sessions to achieve your desired color,” Miller advises.

Maintaining Your Balayage

“Balayage is a very versatile technique,” Miller says. It can be customized to suit different hair types and face shapes. For example, a rooty balayage with lighter pieces at the face can brighten the complexion and make the hair appear thicker. But a “sombre” or “subtle ombre” with just a few lighter pieces at the ends can add interest to fine hair and make it appear thicker.

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