27 Boys Fade Haircut Inspirations

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Are you a parent or a teenager searching for the perfect haircut? The fade haircut might be a great choice for you. Boys fade haircuts can be tailored to suit various hair textures and face shapes. We’ve got you covered with expert advice from Linda Miller, a seasoned hairstylist. Keep reading to learn about the best fade haircut for your needs and how to ask for it at the salon.

Tailoring the Cut to Your Hair

When it comes to boys fade haircuts, Miller emphasizes the importance of considering hair texture. For those with straight or wavy hair, a low fade is a great option. It allows the hair to lay flat and gives a clean, sleek look. On the other hand, a high fade works well with curly hair. It provides a more structured shape and makes the curls pop.

Working with Your Face Shape

If you have a fuller face, a low fade can help create a slimmer appearance. A high fade, on the other hand, draws attention to the top of the head and works well with an oval or heart-shaped face. For those with a narrow face, a mid fade can balance the overall look. If you have a specific vision in mind, don’t hesitate to bring in reference photos. Miller suggests using visual aids to ensure a clear understanding between you and your stylist.

See Which Haircut & Color Flatters You Best

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