34 Butterfly Haircuts to Transform Your Look

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Are you considering a butterfly haircut, but unsure if it’s the right choice for your hair type or face shape? Don’t fret; expert hairstylist Linda Miller has got you covered. In this exclusive interview, she shares her invaluable insights on butterfly haircuts and how to make them work for you. From understanding your hair texture to picking the right styling products, Linda’s expert advice will help you achieve the perfect butterfly cut for your individual features.

Understanding Your Unique Hair Texture

Linda emphasizes the importance of understanding your hair texture before choosing a butterfly haircut. She explains, “It’s crucial to consider how your hair naturally falls and how much time you’re willing to spend styling it every day.” If you have thick hair, she recommends asking your stylist to use thinning shears or a razor to create texture and remove weight. For thin hair, she suggests requesting layers and avoiding excessive thinning to maintain the hair’s density and volume.

Picking the Right Styling Products

If you have curly hair, Linda advises selecting a stylist who is experienced with curly haircuts. She notes, “It’s essential to choose a stylist who knows how to cut curly hair while it’s dry. This method allows the stylist to see the curl pattern and create a cut that works with the hair’s natural texture.” For straight hair, she recommends discussing with your stylist the best way to create volume and movement, such as the use of layers or texturizing techniques.

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