29 Stylish Cowboy Haircuts for Men

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Saddle up, gents! Cowboy haircuts are making a bold comeback, and who better to guide us through this trend than the renowned hair connoisseur, Linda Miller? In our exclusive interview, she shares her expert tips and tricks on how to pull off this rugged yet refined look with ease.

Ideal Face Shapes

When it comes to cowboy haircuts, Linda emphasizes the importance of understanding your facial structure. “This style works best for guys with square faces,” she advises. “It adds softness to the angles and creates a balanced, rugged look.” For those with round faces, she suggests opting for a longer fringe and a bit of volume on top to elongate the face. Meanwhile, men with oval or oblong faces can experiment with different lengths and textures for a versatile appearance.

Matching Hair Types and Textures

The cowboy haircut is a versatile choice for men with straight or slightly wavy hair. Linda recommends keeping the sides and back short, leaving around 1 to 1.5 inches in length. “This creates a clean, tapered look and accentuates the squareness of the face,” she explains. For those with curly or coiled hair, she suggests a longer length on top to maintain balance and avoid excessive volume on the sides.

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