29 Bixie Haircuts for Woman

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Bixie haircuts, a delightful fusion of bobs and pixies, offer a versatile, low-maintenance style suitable for various face shapes and hair types. Renowned hairstylist Linda Miller shares her insights on this trend, shedding light on the ideal variations for different hair textures and how to maintain them.

Ideal Variations for Different Hair Textures

According to Miller, the Bixie cut offers a fresh take on classic looks like the pixie and bob, with the added benefit of being effortlessly stylish. She recommends this cut to those with fine hair, as it adds volume and texture. For those with thicker hair, texturizing the cut can reduce weight and provide movement.

How to Maintain Bixie Haircut

To maintain your Bixie cut, Miller advises visiting your stylist every 4-6 weeks for a trim. This will keep the cut looking its best and help ensure it maintains its shape. For styling, she suggests using a lightweight gel or mousse, applying it to the roots and mid-lengths of the hair. Then, blow-dry with a brush or your fingers, lifting the hair to add volume.

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