25 Skiing Hairstyles for an Active Winter Look

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Dreaming of hitting the slopes this winter? Embark on your snowy adventure with the right skiing hairstyles. Expert hairstylist Linda Miller shares her insights on how to keep your locks in place while you conquer the mountain. Embrace the cold breeze with confidence as Linda’s tips help you style your hair for an unforgettable skiing experience.

Hair Types and Skiing

When it comes to choosing the right skiing hairstyle, Linda emphasizes that your hair type plays a vital role. “For thick and curly hair, a topknot or a high ponytail is best,” she advises. “For thin hair, I recommend braids or a low ponytail. These styles will prevent tangling and keep your hair away from your eyes.”

Weather-Friendly Hairstyles for Skiing

Don’t let the weather dampen your style. Linda suggests opting for a hairstyle that “can be easily fixed if it gets wet or blown around by the wind.” For long hair, she recommends two braids or a low ponytail. Short-haired individuals can opt for a beanie or headband to tame flyaways while keeping their ears warm.

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