25 Sleek Hairstyles for Silk Pressed Hair

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Silk pressed hair is a versatile and sleek look that many desire. Achieving this style requires the right knowledge and care. We had the opportunity to speak with Linda Miller, a seasoned hairstylist and expert in silk pressed hair, to gain valuable insights and tips on achieving and maintaining this look.

Hair Type and Silk Pressing

According to Miller, silk press is achievable on all hair types, from wavy to kinky curl patterns. “The most important factor is the hair’s health,” she stresses. “It should be properly hydrated and well-moisturized prior to the silk press service.”

Choosing the Right Stylist

Miller emphasizes the value of consulting with a professional stylist who has experience working with various hair textures. “They can properly analyze your hair and scalp, and determine the best products and techniques for your hair type and goals,” she says. “This is crucial for a successful silk press service.”

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