25 Ways to Pair Your Hair with Wide Headbands

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Wide headbands are all the rage these days, but finding the right hairstyle to go with them can be a challenge. Fear not, for we have the expert advice of Linda Miller, a seasoned stylist with a wealth of knowledge on this topic. Let’s dive into her insights on making wide headbands work for you!

Choosing the Right Headband for Your Hair Type

Linda emphasizes that the type of headband you choose is crucial. A person with fine hair should opt for a thick headband, while someone with thick hair will benefit from a thinner one. It’s also vital to consider the shape of your face. A wider headband may suit a heart-shaped face, while a thinner one might work better for a rounder face.

Matching Headbands with Different Hair Textures

When it comes to headband colors, Linda advises matching them to your eyes or the outfit you’re wearing. Choose a similar shade or color that complements your look. Dark-haired individuals can experiment with brighter headband colors, while those with lighter hair can go for darker headbands to create contrast.

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