26 Octopus Trendy Haircut Ideas

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Are you looking for a funky and versatile hairstyle to rock this season? The octopus haircut may be just the trend you’ve been searching for. To help you understand this unique style and how to make it work for you, we’ve partnered with renowned hair expert, Linda Miller. With her valuable insights, you’re set to make this bold hairdo work for your individual style and hair type.

Understanding the Octopus Haircut

Linda Miller explains that the octopus haircut is all about layering and texturizing. “The haircut is usually done with a razor to help create the texture and movement within the hair,” she says. It’s typically recommended for those with medium to thick hair.

Tips for Different Hair Types

If you have fine hair, Miller suggests opting for a light razor cut. This will help create the signature texture of the octopus cut without making your hair appear too thin. For those with curly hair, she recommends asking your stylist to cut the hair while it’s dry. “This will help the stylist see how your hair will sit and fall,” she explains.

See Which Haircut & Color Flatters You Best

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