30 Modern Retro Hairstyles for a Vintage Look

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Are you longing for a dash of old-school glamour in your hairdo? Dive into the world of modern retro hairstyles with expert advice from Linda Miller, a seasoned hair guru. She shares her insights on picking the right retro style to suit your features, and offers tips on maintaining it.

Choosing the Right Retro Hairstyle

Miller suggests that when opting for a retro style, it’s vital to consider your face shape. “A round face can carry off a soft, blunt bang, while a square face can be balanced with a round, soft wave or pin curl in the front,” she explains. However, she advises those with angular jawlines to steer clear of tight curls around the face, as it may accentuate the sharpness.

Maintaining Your Retro Look

When it comes to maintaining a retro hairstyle, Miller emphasizes the importance of using the right products. She advises, “A good setting lotion, like a light mousse or foam, is key. It’ll give you a good base for your waves or curls.” Additionally, she recommends opting for a heat protectant to shield your hair from styling tools. If you have thin hair, a volumizing spray can lend a much-needed lift.

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