30 Trendy Kitty Cut Inspirations

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Looking for a fun, flirty hairstyle that’s both cute and stylish? The kitty cut might just be what you’re after! We sat down with hair expert Linda Miller to get the lowdown on this trendy style. Linda shares tips on how to make it work for various hair types, face shapes, and lifestyles. Ready to unleash your inner feline? Let’s dive in.

The Perfect Fit for Your Face Shape

If you have a round face, Linda suggests going for a longer version of the cut. “A little length on the sides and a bit of height on top can elongate the face,” she advises. If your face is square, opt for a softer, rounder version of the style. For those with an oval face, you’re in luck! The kitty cut is a great match for your face shape. As for heart-shaped faces, Linda recommends adding some width at the jawline to balance the look.

Caring for Your Kitty Cut

Linda has some valuable advice on maintaining the cut. “You’ll need to trim it every four to six weeks to keep the shape,” she advises. “Blow dry with a round brush to add volume and control.” For a more relaxed look, use a flat brush. To style, use a light gel or mousse for hold and texture. “A little shine spray can also add a polished finish,” Linda adds.

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