25 Wave Hairstyle for Perfectly Textured Style

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Embrace the natural allure of wave hairstyles with expert advice from the renowned stylist Linda Miller. In this exclusive interview, she shares her expert insights on achieving the ideal texture, face shapes that complement wave hairstyles, and products that enhance the look.

Embracing Your Unique Texture

Miller’s extensive experience as a hairstylist has equipped her with a wealth of knowledge on wave hairstyles. “Knowing your hair type is key,” she emphasizes. If you have naturally straight hair, a body wave perm can add volume, texture, and movement. Conversely, if you have thick, wavy hair, a texturizing cut can enhance your natural texture. For curly hair, a loose, beachy curl works well, as it is easier to straighten than a tight curl. Miller advises against over-layering for fine hair, as it can cause a frizzy appearance.

Complementing Your Face Shape

When it comes to face shapes, Miller suggests a wave hairstyle for those with square, oval, or heart-shaped faces. For a square face, soft waves can smoothen the strong angles. Oval faces can easily carry off any wave style. For heart-shaped faces, adding volume at the jawline helps balance the upper and lower halves of the face.

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