38 Alicia Keys Inspired Braids Trending Right Now

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Unlock the secrets of Alicia Keys-inspired braids with expert advice from renowned hairstylist, Linda Miller. This versatile style can accentuate any hair type, from curly to straight, and suits various face shapes. Let’s delve into the expertise of our expert for a comprehensive guide.

Types of Braids for Different Hair Textures

“Every hair type can rock Alicia Keys braids,” says Miller. For straight hair, she recommends adding waves to the ends for a softer look. For curly hair, opt for smaller braids to minimize the volume. If you have coarse hair, use a hydrating cream or oil to tame flyaways and frizz.

Choosing the Right Braids for Your Face Shape

Consider your face shape when selecting the style of braid. For round faces, create a braid that starts narrow at the top and widens toward the bottom. This will elongate the face. For oval faces, try a center part with two braids on each side. For heart-shaped faces, a side part with braids that frame the face will work best. For square faces, choose braids that start at the temples and go straight back.

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