Latina Braids: 20 Hairstyles for a Cultural Twist

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Embark on a journey through the vibrant world of Latina braids with renowned hairstylist Linda Miller. Her expertise in this cultural hair art form provides valuable insights and tips for embracing your natural locks and celebrating the rich heritage of Latina braids.

Understanding Hair Types and Face Shapes

“Latina braids are more than just a hairstyle; they are a cultural expression,” Miller says. “It’s important to understand your hair type and texture to achieve the desired look.” For thicker hair, she recommends using a light leave-in conditioner to soften and detangle the hair, making it easier to braid. For thinner hair, utilize a texture spray to add grip and volume.

Choosing the Right Braids for Your Face Shape

According to Miller, the shape of your face plays a significant role in determining the best braiding style. “For round or square face shapes, consider adding braids to the front sections to create a slimmer appearance,” she advises. For heart-shaped faces, a side part and braids hanging over the forehead can help balance the overall shape. When it comes to oval or diamond-shaped faces, Miller suggests parting the hair in the middle and braiding the hair close to the scalp to offer a flattering frame.

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