25 Sleek Short Styles for Black Women

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When it comes to hair, black women possess a unique beauty that is unmatched. Each strand, texture, and curl tells a story, and choosing a hairstyle is more than just a fashion statement; it’s a personal expression. Short hairstyles are all the rage these days, and who better to guide us through this trend than the renowned hair expert, Linda Miller?

Embracing Your Unique Texture

Miller’s first piece of advice is to embrace your natural texture. She suggests that you talk to your stylist about your hair type and the best cut for your face shape. A good hairstyle should highlight your best features and minimize any areas you’re not comfortable with. If you have a round face, for example, a pixie cut with added height at the crown can create a more oval shape, while a side part can soften a square jawline.

Picking the Right Cut for Your Face Shape

If you have an oval face, you’re in luck! This face shape suits almost any style. Miller suggests playing with your fringe or adding layers for a more personalized look. If you have a heart-shaped face, a pixie cut with a slightly longer fringe can balance out your features. To draw attention to your eyes, try a style with a sweep or fringe in the front.

See Which Haircut & Color Flatters You Best

Note: This quiz is meant for fun, not to be taken too seriously.
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