36 Unique Jellyfish Cut Hairstyles

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Jellyfish cut hairstyles are all the rage, but what’s the buzz about this unique look? Let’s dive deep into the expertise of Linda Miller, an experienced hairstylist, to learn more about this trend.

Embrace Your Face Shape

“The jellyfish cut hairstyle is a versatile look that can be customized to suit various face shapes,” explains Linda. If you have a round face, she advises adding layers around the face to create a slimming effect. For square or heart-shaped faces, layers should be concentrated at the jawline or temples to soften the angles. Individuals with oval faces can pull off the jellyfish cut with ease, as it flatters this shape naturally.

Play with Hair Texture

Texture plays a significant role in achieving the perfect jellyfish cut. Linda highlights that individuals with straight hair should opt for a blunt cut with minimal layers to prevent the style from falling flat. For wavy or curly hair, she recommends more layers to enhance the texture and create a fuller appearance. To keep the style looking fresh, she suggests using a texturizing product to enhance the natural wave pattern.

See Which Haircut & Color Flatters You Best

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